Comparing Song Pitching Services

My name is Phillip. Below is a  comparison chart for song pitching websites (what is a pitching site?). You will find information below the chart on how I calculated the figures and score. I welcome your comments and I ask for your help in developing this table. Please let me know of other pitching sites I have missed and flag any errors I may have (just leave me a comment). Enjoy!

Last updated Aug 31, 2011

Guarantee Feedback?
Price ‘Per-Pitch’
Monthly Fee
True cost to submit to 20 opportunities?
Score (?)
£9.00 (average)
(+ £50 annual)
£10.91 (average)



Sites that charge ‘yearly’ have been divided by 12 to give a monthly cost. Where a site has different submission prices, I have taken an average from their site. If a site offers many different price packages I have taken their cheapest plan (without add-ons or extras). Click here to see how the rating system works.

I’m from the UK so I have converted all prices to pound sterling, you can convert back using this currency converter tool. I am not connected with any of the sites shown. Click here to read why I created the comparison chart.


What is a Song Pitching Site?

A song pitching site is a website that makes it easy to find new opportunities in the music industry and allows you to submit your music to those opportunities. A good pitching site should (in theory) save you massive amounts of research time and also cost. A good pitching site will enable you to reach (or connect) with more industry professionals and expose your music to more opportunities.

There are, however, good and bad pitching services and more seem to spring up all the time. Research carefully before jumping in with any of them.

Pitching sites do work, there have been numerous bands, songwriters and artists who have signed deals as a result of using a pitching service so they are well worth joining if you are serious about your music career.

Pitching sites generally do some (or all) of the following:

  • Aggregate opportunities within the music industry making it easy for you to see which music companies are looking for talent
  • Provide a way for you to submit your music to the music companies who are seeking talent
  • Enable you to store your music online
  • Offer it’s users an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
  • Allow communication between you and the music professionals you submit music to
Have you used a pitching service? If so, please help us maintain an up to date comparison chart by leaving your comments.



Reason for Chart

I have had a few friends sign deals as a direct result of using pitching sites so I know they have their place and are a useful tool.

However, I like to research and make sure I’m joining the right ones (as they can be costly). I have wasted money in the past on various musician tool (like so many others) and I decided not to play guess work and to do my research!

After spending almost a week contacting the various companies and trying to work out what they charge and what I get in return, I decided to throw the info up in the form of a comparison site for others to see. I am not affiliated with any pitching site so feel free to suggest any to me. I hope the info will prove useful.

Rating System

On this page I will explain the rating system and how points are awarded to make up the overall score.

The overall score is based on two key factors, the “cost of their service” and if “guarantee feedback is given” . The reason I kept it simple is to avoid opening a rabbit hole of hundreds of different scoring criteria! I feel that the cost and a guarantee of feedback are the two most important factors to a song pitching site. As for customer support, ease of use and so on, hopefully people will leave comments so we can see which services are worth a try.

1. Guaranteed feedback

6 points are awarded if the company offers guaranteed feedback (meaning the musician hears back from the record label, publisher etc).

2. The price of the service (based on 20 submissions per months)*

£0-£5              = 9 points
£5-£10           = 8 points
£10-£15         = 7 points
£15-£20         = 6 points
£20-£30        = 5 points
£30-£50        = 4 points
£50-£100     = 3 points
£100-£150   = 2 points
£150-£200   = 1 points
£200+             = 0 points

The only way to compare prices was to decide on a set number of song submissions per month and work out the cost. This is because some of the service charge monthly (with no individual submission fees) and others are free to join but have submission fees!

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