Comparing Song Pitching Services

My name is Phillip. Below is a  comparison chart for song pitching websites (what is a pitching site?). You will find information below the chart on how I calculated the figures and score. I welcome your comments and I ask for your help in developing this table. Please let me know of other pitching sites I have missed and flag any errors I may have (just leave me a comment). Enjoy!

Last updated Aug 31, 2011

Guarantee Feedback?
Price ‘Per-Pitch’
Monthly Fee
True cost to submit to 20 opportunities?
Score (?)
£9.00 (average)
(+ £50 annual)
£10.91 (average)



Sites that charge ‘yearly’ have been divided by 12 to give a monthly cost. Where a site has different submission prices, I have taken an average from their site. If a site offers many different price packages I have taken their cheapest plan (without add-ons or extras). Click here to see how the rating system works.

I’m from the UK so I have converted all prices to pound sterling, you can convert back using this currency converter tool. I am not connected with any of the sites shown. Click here to read why I created the comparison chart.


5 Responses to Comparing Song Pitching Services

  1. TJR says:

    Thanks for doing this. Have you checked out Film Music Network (FMN) ?

    I have tried them in the past and I think they are pretty good. Their site is

    A basic membership is 5 bucks a month and it’s 2 bucks to submit a song to an opportunity.

    You can submit without a membership but then it costs about (I think) 5.99 to submit to an opportunity.

    They offer no feedback. My dealings with their customer service have all been very positive (You can reach them and they follow through).

    Would like to see how you rank them.


  2. I’m still a bit of a dabbler in these kinds of services, but here’s my take on the ones I’ve tried.

    AUDIO ROKIT – Seems like a good model (flat rate), but, at least for me, the feedback guarantee seems bogus. It’s been several weeks since I submitted a few tracks, and so far the only feedback I’ve gotten is that my tracks were received. I’m also not sure AR has any pull. If you’re looking for songs, do you look at the AR stuff? Maybe, but I sure don’t think anyone would look at it first or even soon.

    SONICBIDS – Tons of opportunities, but a HEAVY focus on contests (which I think are mainly a scam) and lots of podunky sites and the like offering exposure. I understand they try to filter out the worst offenders, but even the legit ones probably can’t offer much in the way of upside for artists.

    MUSIC XRAY – If you like spam, these are your guys.

    TAXI – I have not tried this yet, but I intend to. Taxi is expensive and charges per submission, and I like this, because price is a filter. If you’re not very serious, you are not going to go with Taxi and my guess is that A&R folks know this, and give Taxi submissions extra consideration.

    BROADJAM – I only really used this to get reviews, but stopped because there is in etiquette that if you critic someone too harshly (politely, of course) you get a lot of hate back. As a result, you can’t put any credence in the scores (they’re all mostly high).

  3. SteveP says:


    Audio Rokit’s feedback isn’t bogus, I have gotten lots from their site. They introduced the new guaranteed feedback system fairly recently but you may have to wait up to eight weeks. Here’s what it says on their site:

    “When you submit music to anyone on Audio Rokit we can now guarantee that you will get notified whether your music is successful or not within 8 weeks (usually much less).”

    I haven’t used TAXI but one thing puts me off, when they say they have hundreds of A&R who work for them? Seems fake. I am sure they do good stuff but too expensive for me.

  4. Al Goodwin says:

    I myself have tried many options for pitching and the pay per pitch to me is criminal.
    I have recently decided to do all my pitching through “Audiorockit”
    Their very reasonable monthly subscriptions are transparent and fair.
    Other strengths are the quality of customer service and the opportunties and straight forward usage of their site.
    Loved putting the EPK together, was so simple to find relevant opps for me and submit.
    Instant replies confirming submissions and a very neat dashboard so one can collate and follow up.
    Splendid job they’ve done, so looking forward to some possitive results.
    Al Goodwin (singer songwriter)

  5. Mike Huberty says:

    Hi Phillip,
    Thanks for mentioning Broadjam in your listing of song pitching websites. Currently we have over 130 opportunities on our website and we’re placing an average of 3-4 songs a day. We have several different membership levels (including free!) but the most popular is our Primo, which is 199.95/year or 19.95/month USD (about 124 pound sterling). Each submission then is $5, which equates to 3.10 pound sterling. Free membership submissions are more expensive, but we want to make the service available to people who even just want to only submit once.

    We are one of the only sites that guarantees that the person actually looking for the music will listen to your song submission. We even let you know the time and date they log in to listen! We aim to be as transparent and as honest as possible and we’re happy to answer any questions that you might have here or on our site.

    Thanks again and good luck to everyone with their songwriting!
    Mike Huberty
    Product Manager, Artist Services

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