Rating System

On this page I will explain the rating system and how points are awarded to make up the overall score.

The overall score is based on two key factors, the “cost of their service” and if “guarantee feedback is given” . The reason I kept it simple is to avoid opening a rabbit hole of hundreds of different scoring criteria! I feel that the cost and a guarantee of feedback are the two most important factors to a song pitching site. As for customer support, ease of use and so on, hopefully people will leave comments so we can see which services are worth a try.

1. Guaranteed feedback

6 points are awarded if the company offers guaranteed feedback (meaning the musician hears back from the record label, publisher etc).

2. The price of the service (based on 20 submissions per months)*

£0-£5              = 9 points
£5-£10           = 8 points
£10-£15         = 7 points
£15-£20         = 6 points
£20-£30        = 5 points
£30-£50        = 4 points
£50-£100     = 3 points
£100-£150   = 2 points
£150-£200   = 1 points
£200+             = 0 points

The only way to compare prices was to decide on a set number of song submissions per month and work out the cost. This is because some of the service charge monthly (with no individual submission fees) and others are free to join but have submission fees!

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